World Firsts In Onehunga, New Zealand

World Firsts In Onehunga, New Zealand

On the 13th November 2014, the stylish Library Cafe in the humble inner Auckland suburb of Onehunga was the scene of not one, but two Ch’i world firsts.

Steve Speights owns and proudly runs the Library Cafe. Sited in the former town library he is keeping the best part of the buildings bookish traditions alive with a calm and older world interior, well informed and fabulous food and his warm charm.

Library World First 1

The Library is the first outlet ever in the world to sell the just released Ch’i range of glass bottled drinks. Steve was aware they were being developed and insisted he be at the head of the queue for stock in his drinks fridge.

Library World First 2

While there we were lucky enough to spot and capture the moment Natalie, who was there for coffee with her mum, spotted the Ch’i and became the first ever paying customer in the world to buy and drink one of our new glass bottles.

Natalie World First

Natalie,a long standing Ch’i fan, was delighted to find and drink the Ch’i in one of her favourite cafe’s but left us lost for words asking quite frankly – “What took you so long?”

Fearing more of this sort of question we’re taking this range to the cafe’s and bars of New Zealand and Australia as fast as we can.


The Library Cafe is a lovely meeting place for coffee or lunch, and the team are professionals ready to host functions and weddings. Press here for more about the Library Cafe



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