Why is fluoride shown in the water analysis?

Why is fluoride shown in the water analysis?

The listing of fluoride is in the list of minerals present in our mineral water. When selling a mineral water you are required to declare the levels of the minerals in the water. The fluoride in the mineral water is naturally occurring,  and fluoride occurs naturally in virtually every drop of water on the planet.

The fluoride is from fluorine, the thirteenth most common element in the Earth’s crust. Distilling can remove most fluoride, so rain water (which is effectively distilled water) is quite low – until it hits the ground.

What varies is the amount of fluoride naturally occurring in ground water, and whether or not the water you drink is from a municipal supply which has had the fluoride boosted to target dental health. Our water comes from a 200m deep well outside Auckland, New Zealand, and is bottled without adulteration – we do not add fluoride.

We are not experts on the debate over whether fluoride addition to your municipal water supply is a good thing or not and cannot provide any guidance on that.

The level of fluoride in CH’I Mineral water is typically 0.11mg per litre. The New Zealand Ministry of Health has recommended that for dental protection, the optimal content of fluoride in drinking water is between 0.70 and 1.00 mg per litre and the maximum acceptable level is 1.50mg per litre. So the Fluoride in CH’I is between 1/5th and 1/10th of the typical New Zealand or Australian municipal supply. Much of the concern about fluoride in water originates in the USA where the maximum acceptable level is 2.00mg per litre, and where much of the ground water can naturally exceed this level.

There is a group in New Zealand very opposed to fluoridation (Fluoride Action Network of New Zealand). They publish guidelines that recommend a maximum of 0.30mg per Litre for fluoride (naturally occurring) in everyday drinking water. The Fluoride in CH’I is 1/3rd of this level, and in fact makes CH’I a useful addition to a fluoride avoidance lifestyle.


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