What Yoga? Part #5 – Yin Yoga

What Yoga? Part #5 – Yin Yoga



Shhhhhh… it’s ‘Whispered Secrets’… (Yoga Room)

If I am to be thorough about the process of checking out ‘Yoga’ and what is offered in our fair city (and surrounding countryside), I have to keep dabbling in the different types.

There are so many different types.

To say you go to ‘Yoga’ is the same as saying you’re ‘going to Africa’… one name covers a huge amount of diversity , different cultures, languages and disciplines.

With Yoga, one type may see you moving between poses fairly quickly (Yang), while another will have you hold the same position for minutes at time. This is where ‘Yin’ comes in.

With the use of apparatus (bolsters, blocks and straps) you maintain your pose, sinking deeper into the stretch and for much longer… up to FIVE minutes at a time!

I had a go at this practice in Albany on the North Shore of Auckland, in an intimate studio tucked behind the village shops. It was a Saturday morning class and was completely full of a diverse bunch of people who all knew what they were doing and seemed to know each other quite well, chatting amongst themselves as they set up their props. Like a Saturday morning Yin club!

I was made to feel very welcome by the teacher (Annie) and her lovely dog Shadow…Shadow the Yoga Dog!

This was good, because some of the poses were quite challenging and I didn’t want to be left behind.

Shadow helped because my spot was RIGHT by his bed and he helped me with my breathing! We were definitely in tune…

Again, the faithful Yoga teacher shines through here! That little thing that you need to have corrected to make the pose what it should be?

Every time, Annie ‘put me right’ which resulted in gaining the maximum benefit from the work as a result.

You DO want to make sure you are getting it right with Yin as you are holding those positions for what seems an eternity at times! To sink really deeply into each pose is quite the treat and you feel like you let go more and more as each minute passes.

I got it! I loved it!

To ABSOLUTELY ‘get’ Yin Yoga? You would have to be doing it far more frequently than just trying it out a few times, like I am, on this journey. You need to also be balancing this out with other ‘Yang’ Yoga’s as too much Yinning and not enough Yanging is not necessarily the best thing.

This was something I did not know… until I spoke to THIS lady!…

Introducing…Mysan Sidbo!

Alongside a lot of other Yoga work, Mysan “teaches Yoga teachers” in the art of Yin! Internationally!

Her story is fascinating and awe-inspiring.

I really wanted to know as much as I could and she agreed to have a chat with me over Skype as she is living with my cuzzie in New South Wales, Australia. He’s a lucky man! She’s AWESOME!

All dodgy film-work aside… Mysan takes us right through her journey and goes as deep into the art of Yin as Yin does into your deepest body tissues!

With her exotic Swiss accent, crystal clear blue eyes and AMAZING energy… I could listen to Mysan for ages.

If you have a 14 minutes or so? You can too!

Click here for Mysan’s Facebook – ‘Mysan Yoga – The Sanctuary’ to receive near-daily inspiration and you can visit her website Mysan Yoga to learn even more!

(A BIG thanks to Mysan for her precious time sharing with us! xx)

Whispered Secrets Yoga Room – Albany, Auckland

For more on Whispered Secrets classes, covering all Yoga types? Visit https://whisperedsecretsyoga.com/

Location – Whispered Secrets by Kell Park in Albany (Follow this link for their latest timetable – https://whisperedsecretsyoga.com/class-timetable/ )

Cost – Concession pricing available. Casual $20.

Mat– Provided

Blanket – Provided

Props – All there

Attire – Comfy-Casual

Class length – Approx. 1 hr 15 mins

Fitness level: General

Mantra: No chanting in this class. But there are others available there. A lot of interaction with the teacher in this class. Really yummy!

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– Namaste

Savvy x