What Yoga? Part #1- Beginners Yoga across Auckland

What Yoga? Part #1- Beginners Yoga across Auckland

Hi there! I’m Savannah and this is the start of my journey as a beginner Yoga student across the huge range of classes and variable Yoga styles offered up right across Greater Auckland!

I am a 40 year old, happily married mother of two, freelancing in several very different part-time jobs to fit in and around ‘being there’ for our two beautiful children. I live in a highly sociable train station of a house, full of visitors, animals and stacks of playing kids. I’m a singer & guitarist in two bands, teach beginners guitar, dabble in the art of painting and we are just starting major home renovations. Add in day-to-day taxiing about to school sports and the like? It’s fair to say I often burn the candle at both ends on a frequent basis…

Natural Yoga poses for kidsVocalist in on-stage Yoga meditationHockey boys practicing inner yoga Ch'iCrazy birdsLet the journey begin!     It’s time to find something to smooth out this manic dynamic!

Recently our family all looked up our BMI’s (Body Mass Index) as an exercise in who was the fattest in the house… and I won! Coming in at ‘just obese’ no less?! This was a surprise at the time, although we were nearing the end of a long lazy winter full of eternal late-in-the day carbo-loading sessions and chunky roast-dinners.


Apart from walking the dogs if I have the time and energy, (those aren’t ALL my dogs in the pic) ‘exercise’ isn’t always at the top of my list, let alone life-balance and overall well-being. Presently? I’m as stiff as board in my shoulders and back, foggy headed and generally out of whack. I had an ankle fusion from a nasty ladder accident years ago so I’m a bit gammy and have a lot of hardware in there with limited movement and overcompensation resulting in aches and non-vigorous exercise. Basically, I am a blank fitness canvas and am more than ready to start ironing out all of these issues….


I would like a strong core, a resilient demeanor and a well-balanced well-being. A practice that I can click into for one-two times a week. ‘My moment’ to de-stress, let go, center myself, zone out and as a result, tune in. It would have to be gentle, calming, (slimming wouldn’t go amiss) toning and achievable in terms of time and energy. I know what EVERYONE tells me to do, what most of my female friends do and RAVE about…
I must get into Yoga.
Yeah! I’m in! But which one? And where? With who? And how? There seems to be SO many options in Auckland!?

What Yoga Auckland?!

I am now on a mission to explore Auckland’s Yoga halls/studios/rooms and basements…? Discovering first-hand what each discipline offers on a physical, spiritual and emotional front. I will keep YOU in the loop while going about this journey, hopefully enlightening all of us to the insights and benefits of this ancient practice.

Think I’ll play it safe and give this one a go first at the Stillwater Community Hall – ‘Kundalini‘ styles with a lovely Yoga teacher friend of mine Tracy Manu…

Who knows where this will take us? Keep in touch right here, watch this Yoga space and let’s find out…

– Savvy x