Ch’i – helping reduce the stress of Study Week at Victoria University!

Ch’i – helping reduce the stress of Study Week at Victoria University!

Serving over 9,000 free meals to students every Trimester at Victoria University of Wellington, Stress Free Study Week provided an awesome opportunity for Chi to get involved and support the community.

The Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association coordinates Stress Free Study Week every Trimester before exams to help students relax in what can be a very stressful period. Chi Drink decided to donate nearly a thousand bottles towards the cause with students picking up a free bottle as they were being served their lunch.

Many students had ‘never tried Chi before’ and really appreciated the refreshing drink in what turned out to be a warm and sunny week in Wellington. With so many students eager to either try Chi for their first time or reminisce about their childhood drinking the popular beverage, the volunteers were constantly calling for more Chi to be brought from the storage room.

Stress Free Study Week is a huge event requiring collaboration and help from numerous volunteers and organisations. The feedback from the organisers was it was great to have Chi Drink on board to help make the week a huge success for all involved. If you’re part of a community group helping make the world a better place and you’re working on an event or fundraiser we may be able to help. Click here for our Community Support application.

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