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The Great Lemon Hunt of 2013

Creating our Herbal Lemon Ch’i for the summer of 2013/2014 was not exactly a cake walk.

Have you ever tried negotiating with East Coast citrus growers?

Desperation Stinks, Sour Negotiations

We came to the mecca of citrus to buy fresh New Zealand lemons after a poor growing season. Lemons were in short supply and we had already promised customers more supply of our popular limited-edition Lemon CH’I for the summer.

These crafty growers could smell the desperation on us.

The Lemon growers, being astute students of market forces and the laws of supply and demand, thought they had cornered a get rich scheme. And they had.

There was a lot of hard haggling, but we managed to secure enough lemons to squeeze the juice that made that summer’s limited edition Herbal Lemon a breath taking fresh flavour.

While lemons do certainly grow on trees, they don’t do it year round and aren’t always available fresh and juicy when we need them. We sometimes can’t get the lemon juice we need, so if we are have run out of this delicious sparkling refresher, we ask for your patience. More will be coming just as soon as the lemon trees (and their farmers) cooperate.

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