Smart Drink, Sans Identity Crisis

“The drink that knows its own name” – a phrase that not only stated the obvious, but would define an iconic brand for over 25 years. Ch’i was on TV.


The year was 1987 and New Zealand was going through a period of massive ups and downs.

On the upside, we were a nation elated when we snatched the Americas Cup from Dennis Conner, singing ‘Sailing Away’ as we downed a few Steinlagers.

But on the downside, thousands of us lost millions as the stock market crashed and plummeted the country into a bitter recession.

Then along came this clever little drink called Ch’i. Clever, because unlike any other drink in the developing world, this one knew it’s own name.


The Original Smart Drink

For any doubters that questioned the claim, they simply had to open a bottle of Ch’i and they would hear for themselves, this drink really did know it’s own name!

Cap CU

To help spread the word we commissioned our first ever TV commercial, complete with an authentic headband-wearing Jazzercise fan.

The commercial screened for only six months, but the phrase would define the brand forever.



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