Ch’i Lemongrass & Lime

Ch’i Lemongrass & Lime

Currently not sold, but we would love to bring this back sometime soon.

Among many of the great new ideas we’ve been cooking up over the past year, this is the one we wanted to bring you first…

Ch’i Lemongrass & Lime

You may have experienced lemongrass before in Thai or Vietnamese cooking, or perhaps in hot tea. It has a very unique flavour that compliments other bold flavours in many preparations.

The idea for Ch’i Lemongrass & Lime was inspired by Miranda, one of the lovely staff in our NZ Supermarket Sales Team (KML). She’s a big fan of Thai cooking and casually asked us one day if we had thought about using Lemongrass in one of our drinks.

With light bulbs sparking up over our heads, we quickly sourced some Lemongrass from Thailand, created our own extract and spent the next 6 months figuring out how to create something yummy.

Lime & lemongrass flavours

Creating Greatness

We soon discovered by using own hand crafted extracts from real lemongrass grown in Thailand, then adding just enough lime juice, it resulted in a stunningly refreshing new herbal idea.

We’ve used a little cane sugar to help sweeten and a very small amount of stevia. The total sugar content is 4.8g per 100ml, which is less than half the amount of a regular soft drink.

The full details on all the ingredients and nutrition information can be found here.


Ch’i Lemongrass & Lime is available across New Zealand in our take home 1.0 litre bottle and in our new look single serve glass bottle.

LG & L 2 bottles



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    Love the Lemongrass and Lime Ch’i drink but haven’t found a stockist in Rotorua. Are you able to give me the names of any stores that have this product please.

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