spicey on its own

Bringing you a mix of THE most delicious flavours, to scintillate any palate!

SPICY-CH’I COCKTAIL – Great with Tacos!

1 x stick Lemongrass (freshly grated)

Pinch of Turmeric 

Juice of 1 x fresh Lime

35 ml of Sacred Springs Barrel Aged Gin – a herby, woody taste. 

15 ml of Mezcal – to bring the smokey flavour through. 

A splash a CH’I Sugar Free / Ginseng & Ginger OR  Lemongrass & Lime – (if too strong, add more Chi to dilute it a bit)

NB: Ginger and Turmeric – same family / quite similar

Use a microplane (a small grater) and add grated, fresh lemongrass in a mixing glass with the lime. Stir for a few seconds. 

Put gin into mixture. Stir until combined. 

Add Mezcal to bring flavour through. 

Tales from the tasters (Red Bar at 95bFm Cocktail Corner):

Should be turning yellow – an “egg yolk colour.” 

If too strong for your liking, “maybe shots?” 

“It looks like a twisted tropical drink.”