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The convenience of home delivery


  1. Select CH’I products with total order amount $50 or more.
  2. At the checkout select the option FREE SHIPPING

NEW CUSTOMER DISCOUNT - 20% off your first order

  1. 20% discount on your first order for delivery in New Zealand
  2. Enter the Coupon Code CHINEW at the checkout page for your first order.


    • Valid until 28th February 2020
    • Coupon can be used once.
    • Coupon only valid for 1st time customers.
    • Offer of Free Freight on orders over $50 still applies

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Brooke Loader
The Food Show CH’I Feedback board
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“CH’I symbolises success! At university, I rewarded myself every time I did well in an exam, with a bottle of deliciously fragrant CH’I – means so much to me today”
Kate Park
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“I checked all the ingredients when I had? No sugar with great herbal stuff. Omg!!!!!! Love this flavour and healthy too! I am a big fan of 'CH'I'. Sharing is caring. I will introduce CH’I herbal drinks to all of my friends”
Dianne Broadley
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“I loved the original CH’I and love the new one sweetened with Stevia. Love that you were the first company to sweeten with STEVIA. Good on you for looking after our good health” …
Claire Huggins
Mawheraiti, NZ
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“Yummmm, just received my first box of CH’I, absolutely delicious!!!! Thank you.”
Dee Fairbrother
Wellington, NZ
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I first had Ch'i in 2002 when my Grandma bought some for me to try, I fell in love with the drink and I still drink it.”
Tristan Shennan
Queensland, Australia
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“Best drink ever. First time in New Zealand finding a place that sells it off the shelf and haven’t stopped drinking it!”
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“Love Chi, so refreshing! Mum always had some in the fridge when I was growing up”
Yvette Mcleod
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“Like CH’I. It's one of my go to drinks. Especially at functions when i don't want to get drunk and it's good for you too.”
Kira Busch-Harvey
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“I absolutely love the original with vodka and a slice of cucumber!”
Ali Taylor
Napier, NZ
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“Delicious beautiful spring water, loveling on its own, or on the rocks. Love it and a family fave”

Drinks Awards 2020

Awards honour When the organisers of the Outstanding New Zealand Food Producer Awards approached us about entering our new drinks ideas, we were both flattered

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