Real People, Real Places – Photo quest

Real People, Real Places – Photo quest

Join our fan hunt! After 30 years we’ve built up a huge number of quiet, unassuming fans.

They’re real people, living in real places.

Help us find them in their quietly famous places, and document that fondness our fans have for CH’I.

We’re offering $10 per photo to each of the best 50 Photos, with no-limit to how many times you enter (so that stuff can build up!)…

SEND your name & address to a.s.a.p and we’ll send you some CH’I to take out to the people!

'Little Jesus'AB Secrets 1

The winning photos will be…

  • Natural and not staged
  • In a recognisable location
  • Of a real CH’I fan
  • Honest
  • Be accompanied by a small tale of their  “Lurrrrve” of CH’I!

You will need to be 16+ to enter / NZ-wide Photos only / Photos to be Hi-Res (min. 2MB) and AWESOME!! / All completed entries in by Wednesday October 21st

*Special Terms and Conditions apply. The best 50 photos will be our winners. By entering you agree to grant CH’I a license to show your photo/s in our marketing, with a photo credit to you