Drinks for the moments you put yourself first

Drinks for the moments you put yourself first

Handcrafting herbal rejuvenation since 1987

We’ve been crafting drinks with herbal inspiration and ideas for a long time. Our passion is what keeps our ideas fresh and modern.

Made famous as

"The Drink That Knows It's Own Name"

In 1987 our first TV commercial gathered a cult following to its phrase “CH’I (cheee) the drink that knows its own name”

This phrase has become famous in our home country New Zealand.



The ancient beliefs in the essential life force that flows through all things.


Nature’s supply of positive ingredients each with a role in self care.


Only the purest water make it into our drinks.

How often do YOU get to put yourself first?


Our most famous cocktail

Take a moment to make the delicious Falling Water cocktail. Made with fresh Cucumber, 42 Below Feijoa Vodka and CH’I Original Herbal Drink.

A grown up drink with earthy flavours – some call it the New Zealand Drinks answer to gin & tonic.

Ancient wisdom. Modern ideas.


CH'I support

We admire Community groups that take the initiative and work to enrich the lives of others.

We do our best to support their projects, events and fundraising with donations of our products for sale, raffles, competitions or goody bags.