Our patient wait for a natural option

Our patient wait for a natural option

Sometimes our commitment to the natural way has meant great patience. We waited 23 years to launch a natural sugar free option.

We first set our vision on a diet or sugar free version of the original Chinese Herbal CH’I in 1988. By 1989 we had identified the herb Stevia as a fabulous source of sugar free natural sweetener and had developed our first prototypes.

Through the 1990’s and 2000’s, synthetic sweeteners were flooding the world’s beverage markets, but the natural option of Stevia was not permitted in the western world. Our only alternative would have been to use synthetic sweeteners, which we absolutely refused to do, and so patiently waited 22 years until the western world’s governments changed their minds in 2008 to allow Stevia in food and drinks.

With this freedom to pursue the natural option for non caloric sweetening, we restarted our 20 year old development project. In 2011 we proudly launched our Herbal Zero Sugar version of CH’I using natural Stevia extracts to give the sweetness to balance the herb flavours.


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