CH'I Original

In 1987 we launched the first of our Original herbal drinks. The idea of a sparkling drink with herbal blends and ideas at their heart was revolutionary.

We’ve continued with this range of sparkling herbal blends and ideas with permanent additions and some exciting limited run blends.

In the Originals range

Original Herb Blend

All the positive energy of an ancient herb blend intended to assist the flow of Ch'i -
the essential breath of life.
An idea conceived in 1987.

Herbal Sugar Free

The same herb blend as the Original but with absolutely no sugars. We mastered replacing sugar with natural Stevia leaf in the late 1980's but waited 20 years for Stevia to be a permitted ingredient.

Ginseng & Ginger

Starting with two roots with long histories of herbal use we've made the earthy, warm extracts at the heart of CH'I Ginseng & Ginger. It's a lighter drink with 40% less sugar compared to a regular soft drink.

Naturally alkaline water

Great water has been close to our heart and a major requirement of our drinks from our very beginning. Finding and caring for the best water possible from natural sources has become second nature. 

It's not just another water

Source Naturally Alkaline Water

Independently tested at pH 9.7 this is our own water from the source we have cared for since 1987. In 2019 we decided the time was right to offer our water for sale.
CH'I SOURCE is one of the highest pH naturally alkaline waters in the world. We bottle it at its source in a natural state completely free from chemical additions or modifications.

Ginger Crunch

Fresh spicy ginger extracts are at the heart of our ginger drinks.

Most ginger drinks are brewed and can taste a bit musty
we don’t do that.
The flavours are fantastic and the spice warming.  

From one of the ugliest roots.....

Ginger Spiced

Real ginger and cardomom extracts create a warm, earthy spice drink. Both spices are known for their digestive support. Ginger Spiced can help in moments of digestive discomfort. It's also fantastic in one of those moments you're putting yourself first.

Ginger Crunch

Every Cafe in New Zealand or Australia serves a slice - commonly known as Ginger Crunch or Ginger Slice.
We mixed things up with our hand crafted ginger extract and a bit of drinks imagination to make a spicy sparkling memory of your favourite
Ginger Crunch your mother baked or is in your favourite cafe.