Original Herb Blend

Original Herb Blend

In case you haven’t already met, we’d like to introduce you to the Original CH’I sparkling herbal refresher. Sold and completely unchanged since 1987.


The Herbs That Flavour Ch’i

The herbs in Ch’i include Fo-ti, Ginseng, Aloe, Gotu kola, and Ginger in a herb blend developed by our traditional herbalist.

Originally inspired by traditional Chinese medicinal thought, this blend was intended to boost your “ch’i” (spelled Qi) and balance the energies of your body.

Starting with real herbs, it takes time and care to create an extract. This is then combined with locally sourced sparkling mineral water, then a hint of honey and kiwifruit to create this original masterpiece.


Sharing Ch’i

We started selling the Original CH’I in New Zealand in 1987 and soon after in Australia and other countries.

Chill and serve on its own for a delicious refreshing moment of natural rejuvenation.


If you are in the mood to mix some drinks, Ch’i Original makes a great base for cocktails! It mixes particularly well with light spirits for less sweet grown up cocktails.

Check out our cocktail recipes using Ch’i

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Product Information


(All of natural origin). Artesian Mineral Water, Cane Sugar, Acid (citric acid), Herbal extract, Preservative (sorbic acid), Vitamin C as antioxidant (ascorbic acid), Flavours (kiwifruit, honey)


Nutrition Information

Serving 200ml.

Energy 334kj  (79kCal) per serve,167kj (40kCal) per 100ml
Protein Nil
Fat (total) Nil
Carbohydrate 16.8gm per serve, 8.4gm per 100ml
Sugars 16.8gm per serve 8.4gm per 100ml
Sodium 15.0mg per serve, 7.5mg per 100ml

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    I’m opening a cafe in Red Hill Mornington Peninsula & would like to stock your product
    please email me the product list & distribution info than you

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