Here’s The Good Information On Ch’i Lemongrass & Lime


Prepare yourself for the astonishingly good taste of a handcrafted extract from lemongrass grown in Thailand, blended with Lime Juice and a small amount of cane sugar.

We are very motivated to help reduce the calories and sugar in our diets, and have blended this taste sensation to have less than half the total sugars and calories of a regular soft drink (or most juices, beer or wine).

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Tai Ch’i Cocktail idea!

Would you like a delicious cocktail idea low in calories and overflowing in good stuff. Try a Tai Ch’i. Here’s how…….

Find your best tall glasses suited to summery refreshing drinks
Add a few ices cubes
1 – 2 portions of your favourite white rum
1/3 glass quality Coconut Water . Don’t use a cheap brand. We recommend Raw C.
Top up with Ch’i Lemongrass & Lime
Garnish with a few slices of lime

Lime & lemongrass flavours


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Ch'i Cocktails Collection

Ch’i Lemongrass & Lime is made in New Zealand by Ch’i International Ltd, a family owned business passionate about following the natural way.

Learn about Ch’i International Ltd here Ch’i International Ltd 

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