One Way to Naturally Eliminate Both Sugar and Synthetic Sweeteners

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The Ch’i Herbal Sugar Free you are holding offers sparkling herbal refreshment with natural freedom from both Sugar and Aspartame (or any other synthetic sweetener).

We have balanced the unique flavours from our handcrafted herb extracts with the sweetness from the leaves of the Stevia plant – natures sweetening miracle!  Press here for more about Stevia

For more information on Ch’i Herbal Sugar Free including the nutrition information Press Here. Hint -it’s basically zero on everything bad!

Low low sugar Cocktail idea!

Would you like a delicious cocktail idea that is low on Calories and can be made with or without alcohol?   Try a Guava Ch’i. We would call it a Guch’i, but a famous handbag brand would have something to say about that! Press here for the recipe

Guava Ch'i Cocktail made with Guava Nectar & Chi Herbal

For the rest of our cocktail ideas Press Here 

Ch'i Cocktails Collection

Ch’i Herbal Sugar Free is made in New Zealand by Ch’i International Ltd, a family owned business passionate about following the natural way.

Learn about Ch’i International Ltd here Ch’i International Ltd 

Visit our full website Press Here

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