Good News! – You Have a Ch’i Herbal Lemon

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It’s good news because we can not always get enough juice from the New Zealand lemons to supply this taste sensation. We have a very high standard about what is acceptable lemon juice and sometimes we have to go without. For more about our lemons press here

The drink you’re holding is a blend of real Lemon Juice that doesn’t come from concentrates, blended with our famous handcrafted original herb extract, a small amount of cane sugar and sparkling mineral water from our own source.

If you like sweet sugary lemonades with fake flavours this is not for you.

It’s earthy, herbal and very grown up. We are very motivated to help reduce the calories and sugar in our diets, and have blended this taste sensation to have less than half the total sugars and calories of a regular soft drink (or most juices, beer or wine). It’s a great option for full on refreshment or mixing with you favourite light spirits.

For more information on Ch’i Herbal Lemon including the nutrition information Press Here.

Cocktail idea!

Sometimes the truly delicious can be mixed so simply. Here’s how…….

In a tall glass
Add a few ices cubes
1 – 2 portions of your favourite white rum
Top up with Ch’i Herbal Lemon
Garnish with a few slices of lemon

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Ch'i Cocktails Collection

Ch’i Herbal Lemon is made in New Zealand by Ch’i International Ltd, a family owned business passionate about following the natural way.

Learn about Ch’i International Ltd here Ch’i International Ltd 

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