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You are holding a bottle of the Original Herb Blend that we first sold in 1987.

OHB 330ml CUA naturally rejuvenating drink when choosing for yourself, or a delicious lighter mixer for grown up cocktails.

Starting with real herbs from passionate growers around the world we’ve added time, care and love to make the herb extract at the heart of this unique sparkling refresher. We blend these extracts in pure sparkling mineral water with a hint of honey and kiwifruit to make this classic sparkling refresher  Press here for more about how we do this.

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Cocktail ideas

For an all natural cocktail that’s not too sweet and amazing on a summers day, try a 2CV. Press here for the recipe

2CV Chi Cucumber Vodka

Press here for our full list of cocktail ideas

Ch'i Cocktails Collection

Ch’i Original Herb Blend is made in New Zealand by Ch’i International Ltd, a family owned business passionate about following the natural way.  Learn more about Ch’i International Ltd here >>Ch’i International Ltd

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