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Liquid Oxygen

Drinks infused with Oxygen was an idea so far advanced that its time still hasn’t come – and in all likelihood never will.

Conventional drinks wisdom is that you should eliminate all oxygen from the drink if you expect it to last longer than a few weeks. Oxygen is the enemy of flavours, delicate natural colours, and will fuel decay of plant and fruit content.

In 1999 we had celebrated our first 10 years into our journey and were looking for drinks ideas that could be as revolutionary as our Original Herbal Blend was in the late 1980’s. Someone in the team- a name that no one admits to now – had the idea of adding oxygen rather than carbon dioxide to a drink that would bubble when opened and be extra healthy. 6 months later and after a lot of head shaking from our technical advisers we had Liquid Oxygen trademarked and on the market. It was called a water buy had a little sugar and some flavours.

Our retail partners trusted us explicitly and gave this outlandish idea a chance on their shop shelves and in their drinks chillers. Anyone who knows the most basic of food technology would know it was certain to go bad – and sure enough it did. 3 months later the first production had gone brown, lost any sparkle and was undrinkable. We apologised, licked our wounds and moved onto our next big idea – All Natural Flavours.

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