LemonginCh’i – Ginger Beauty Cocktail #4

LemonginCh’i – Ginger Beauty Cocktail #4


Welcome to our ‘Ginger Beauty Cocktail Range’ designed by the wonderful ladies of ‘One Spoon’ – Nikki and Jordan Shearer, semifinalists of Masterchef NZ to celebrate the 2016 release of NEW Ch’i ‘Ginseng and Ginger’

Per serve

ONE SPOON – This is our delicious, modern, slightly twisted version of a Gin Fizz using the amazing Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i. Traditionally a “Fizz” cocktail should be the perfect combination of sweet, sour and fresh… much like the “perfect mouthful” that we refer to in our recipes. We have replaced the carbonated water found in traditional recipes with the Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i.

Herbs can add an unexpected flavour and depth to your drink, and combined with the herbal extracts that are the heart of Ch’is gorgeous range, you can’t go wrong!!! 

It’s just gotta be good for you!   

lemonginchi 2


2 sprigs young rosemary, (leaves removed from one, one for garnish)

30ml Limoncello

30ml Gin


Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i


1. In a cocktail shaker, add rosemary leaves, Limoncello and Gin

2. Muddle gently

3. Fill shaker with ice, seal and shake, shake, shake!

4. Pour all ingredients into your choice of glass

5. Top with Ginseng and Ginger CH’I

6. Garnish with 2nd sprig of rosemary and a straw

Nikki and Jordan Shearer


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