Herbal Sugar Free

Herbal Sugar Free

This is the natural way to feel in control again. Complete freedom from both sugars and synthetic sweeteners in Ch’i Herbal Sugar Free.

Sweetened by nature, not industry, with the same Original herb blend, but completely sugar and carbohydrate free.

We have consistently refused to put synthetic sweeteners in our drinks. Read about our patient wait for Stevia.

Stevia is the natural herb based sweetener in CH’I Herbal Zero. Learn more about Stevia.

While completely free from sugar there are a few calories in Ch’i Sugar Free. The 2 kCal per 200ml portion (an average glass full) come from the Vitamin C we use to protect the flavours from oxygen.

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Ch’i Herbal Sugar is a natural diet and calorie control option, and also plays a useful role in a managing a diabetic condition. (Please consult with your Health Professional if making choices for a diabetic diet.)

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All of natural origin. Artisan Mineral Water, Herbal Extract, Acid (citric acid), Preservative (sorbic acid), Sweetener (Stevia leaf extract), Vitamin C as antioxidant (ascorbic acid), Flavours (kiwifruit, honey)


Serving 200ml.
Energy 10kj (2kCal) per serving, 5kj (1kCal) per 100ml
Protein Nil
Fat (total) Nil
Carbohydrate Nil
Sugars Nil
Sodium 15.0mg per serving, 7.5mg per 100ml

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    I remember trying this years ago and it was delicious. But I was wondering is the honey flavouring in Chi from real honey? As I can’t eat real honey anymore.

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