Handcrafting Herbal Rejuvenation – Since 1987

Handcrafting Herbal Rejuvenation – Since 1987

After over 25 years doing what we do, you might think we’d be getting a little tired of it?

Not likely. We love it!

In fact, we’re so proud of what we do, we’ve decided to share with you how we create Ch’i.


It Starts With Quality Ingredients

First we buy raw herbs produced by passionate growers from around the world. We blend and balance the herbs in preparation for our (sometimes secret) extraction processes.



Herb Prep


A Man, a Vat & a Paddle (Blending & Creating)

Then, starting with a man, a vat and a paddle, we handcraft intriguing herbal extracts that will become the heart and soul of our drinks. After several months,the herb extracts are ready to be blended with our pure mineral water and other ingredients.

When everything’s finally ready – and only then – we bottle it.


Vat Paddle


Our sparkling herbal refreshers are enjoyed by customers all over the world, and we’re working to make them available to even more.

We’ve been doing this since 1987.


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