Dairy Diary #1 ‘Ginseng and Ginger’ – Where?!

Dairy Diary #1 ‘Ginseng and Ginger’ – Where?!


We toured around several stores that have been quietly previewing our new ‘Ginseng and Ginger’ with hope that people serving behind the counter would stand outside for a photo and show-off our spicy new number! This wasn’t as successful as we had thought, not everyone wants to have their photo taken. In THIS three part series over this month of ‘Ginger Beauty’ Savvy travels around Greater Auckland to visit our latest creation in its natural habitat (the dairy fridge) and reveals it’s location. It’s funny what can happen…


Traffic was hectic! In the middle of busy Takapuna I secured a ‘rock-star’ parallel carpark almost directly out the front of the ‘Blue Ocean Convenience Store’.

It’s funny how people stare when you don’t just blend into the general hustle and bustle of a busy street. Here I was wrangling a box of Ginseng and Ginger, trying to get the angle right to highlight the participating store-frontage and our beverages pretty new label.

Ginseng and Ginger

Fancy new Ginseng and Ginger box, brimming with our fabulous new refreshers!

This simply wasn’t glamorous enough. Check out that rubbish bin in the shot?

A shocker of a promo-photo!

I needed someone to model our new bottle. Once I established a chat with the lovely young asian lady behind the counter? That ‘I was from Ch’i… visiting our new beverage, in it’s new home … taking photos of how nice they looked in their fridge… how’s the bubble bottle comeback going?… etc, etc’…

FINALLY I posed the question as to whether or not she would like to be one of the first people to have a photo with our exciting new refreshment…?!

Ginseng and Ginger in it's natural environment

Turns out she was an incredibly camera-shy lovely young lady and, even though I bought a fresh smoothie, she was adamant not to be involved except to take a photo of me, with the Ch’i.

Fair enough.

Ginseng and Ginger

Find THIS product at THIS store!

Was easier than trying to execute a selfie. Although I was ill-prepared and not feeling particularly photogenic that day… I was there to get that photo!

So there you have it. Couldn’t be clearer. You can get GINSENG and GINGER right here! Pop into the ‘Blue Ocean Convenience’ store in Takapuna if you are in that neighbourhood, although you will  be seeing this fresh, fabulous (and very tasty) new Ch’i EVERYWHERE!

Click on here to find directions to this store

-Savvy x