Ginger Beauty – Cocktails created by ‘One Spoon’!

Ch’i noticed that Nikki and Jordan Shearer from ‘One Spoon’ had created a delicious cocktail using Ch’i Original, so we Ch’i-kily asked if they’d like to create a range of ‘Ginseng and Ginger’ cocktails for our ’30 days of Ginger Beauty’! These lovely ladies are finalists from Masterchef NZ (2014), so we knew, that they knew, what they were doing!

And they said yes! And they DO know…! Awesome ladies creating stunning food… and cocktails! Lucky us!

A BIG “Ch’i-eers” to…

Ginger Beauty cocktails by 'One Spoon'


The idea behind our brand name “One Spoon” was born while we journeyed on Masterchef NZ season 5 in 2014. During our 3 months away competing for the title we began to recognise our shared passion to find the ‘perfect mouthful’ in each dish we created. Each single component of a dish, joining together to give the perfect combination of flavour and texture. One Spoon is the ‘perfect mouthful’. If it’s not on the spoon (or in the glass)… it shouldn’t be on the plate!

As a mother/daughter cooking duo, food and drinks have always been an integral part of our lives; sharing and bringing together family and friends. From crib, to beach, to bach, to boat, to back yard, the food we cook is ever changing and we love cooking and creating from the land and showcasing fresh, seasonal produce. NZ is great for foraging, local connections, family-run businesses and insider secrets. All these factors bring a level of uniqueness to our dishes… forever in the pursuit of the ‘perfect mouthful’. – Jordan and Nikki Shearer

Check out their delectable One Spoon website,  Facebook Nikki and Jordan Masterchef NZ 2014 and Nikki and Jordans Instagram for their latest news and mouthwatering pics!


‘Ginger Beauty – Week #1’

GCh’i Rumble

(name bought to you by Rhiannon Young, winner of the Ch’i Ginseng and Ginger  ‘Name the Cocktail’ comp!)


Per serve

This was our first cocktail we have created for Ch’i using their brand new Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i! And OMG, yum!!! Our family loves Ch’i, and rum, so what better place to start than joining the two together in a surge of flavour. If you prefer a slightly sweeter cocktail, add another ½ tsp of brown sugar. We are looking forward to seeing some creative naming on this one!


1 lime, quartered

1 level tsp soft brown sugar

1 slice fresh ginger

30ml spiced rum

2 dashes angostura bitters


Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i


  1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle lime and brown sugar for about 5-6 turns.
  2. Add fresh ginger, spiced rum, 2 dashes of bitters, and fill half way with ice.
  3. Place the lid on top, and shake what your mumma gave ya!
  4. Pour all ingredients in a large glass, and top with Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i.
Ch'i Gn'G with Rum... NAME TBC

Fans are going to be naming this one in a special competition running over our launch month of ‘Ginger Beauty!’

‘Ginger Beauty – Week #2’


Makes approx 2 litres

Sangria’s are one of our favourite, easy to make, big-batch cocktails, great for pulling out of the fridge to share with family and friends. In this SanCh’ia version, we use the delicious new Ch’i Herbal Ginseng and Ginger. The herbal extracts plus ginger and ginseng flavours from the Ch’i take the Sangria to a whole other level…gives a gorgeous bubble and sweetness to the cocktail and makes you feel just that lil’ bit fancy. 


750ml full-bodied red wine (we like Tempranillo)

½ cup Brandy

2 limes, sliced into rounds

1 orange, sliced into rounds

1 lemon, sliced into round

1 firm green pear, thinly sliced (excluding core)

500ml Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i

Ice – to serve


  1. In a large jug or bowl, mix together wine, brandy and sliced fruit.
  1. Allow the fruit to soak for at least half an hour (it can be refrigerated overnight if you prefer).
  1. Just before serving, top with Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i.
  1. Add a handful of ice to individual glasses, and pour the SanCh’ia over top. .

San Ch'ia! Ariba!

‘Ginger Beauty – Week #3’

Gingerly Scarlett

Per serve

For our week 3 recipe celebrating the month of ‘Ginger Beauty’, we have created a non-alcoholic ‘stunning redhead’ for you. It’s a beauty because, as well as been soooo simple, this mocktail has more benefits than one. 1st – It is non-alcoholic! Which means that anybody can enjoy a slight twist to the delicious Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i. 2nd – As we were creating the SanCh’ia (from last week), our daughter/granddaughter really wanted her own… so by making her an “alternative”, we created Gingerly Scarlett. So when you’re sipping down on your SanCh’ia, make the tiny humans their very own cocktail, they will love it! 3rd – This mocktail holds all the key ingredients for the perfect hangover cure; ginger to settle the stomach, blackcurrent for that vitamin C kick, and the fizz and flavour from Ch’i (cos we know that’s what you’re craving). 4th – Shhhhh, but add 30ml of Vodka to this one and you have a Gingerly Scarlett that’s slightly naughty!



3 slices fresh ginger

20ml blackcurrant syrup

200ml Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i


  1. Fill a tall glass with ice and sliced ginger.
  2. Pour over blackcurrant syrup.
  3. Top with Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i and stir gently.

Cocktail #3 - Virgin and otherwise...

‘Ginger Beauty – Week #4’


Per serve

This is our delicious, modern, slightly twisted version of a Gin Fizz using the amazing Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i. Traditionally a “Fizz” cocktail should be the perfect combination of sweet, sour and fresh… much like the “perfect mouthful” that we refer to in our recipes. We have replaced the carbonated water found in traditional recipes with the Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i. Herbs can add an unexpected flavour and depth to your drink, and combined with the herbal extracts that are the heart of Ch’is gorgeous range, you can’t go wrong!!!  It’s just gotta be good for you!   


2 sprigs young rosemary, (leaves removed from one, one for garnish)

30ml Limoncello

30ml Gin


Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i


  1. In a cocktail shaker, add rosemary leaves, Limoncello and Gin.
  1. Muddle gently.
  1. Fill shaker with ice, seal and shake, shake, shake!
  1. Pour all ingredients into your choice of glass
  1. Top with Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i.
  1. Garnish with 2nd sprig of rosemary and a straw.

Ginseng and Ginger - Lemoningchi