Ginseng and Ginger Artist – Emmaline Bailey!

Ginseng and Ginger Artist – Emmaline Bailey!

‘GINSENG and GINGER’ BEAUTY AT IT’S FINEST! Introducing our Gn’G artist…


This launch month of our new Ginseng and Ginger (30 days of  Ginger Beauty) would not have been SO beautiful without it’s accompanying artwork throughout! Emmaline Bailey of BAILEYS ALCHEMY produced a stunning series of water colors for our beautiful new beverage, which have been dotted throughout the month and also appear on our new label.

‘Ema’ doesn’t specialise in painting ugly roots all the time… this was a one-off type of job for her. We asked her some questions to find out more about her amazing artworks, her inspiration and whether or not she is her own Red Riding Hood…

Hey Emmaline!…

1. You quit your day job over 5 years ago to follow your dreams. Was that (your day job) in the field of the arts too? Have you always been artistic?
Oh no, far from it. I was working as a casual employee at a printing company. Fair to say the job didn’t require any artistic flare! But I’ve always loved to draw since I was little and did art all through high school. But as I left my job, I was able to put more time into it and improve as I went along.

2. Do you always feel like drawing or painting or do you have to be in a particular mood or at acertain time of day?
I have ideas for drawings or paintings all the time but I really need to be in the right headspace or I’ll just get impatient and frustrated. Unfortunately it’s not like a tap that can turn on and off at whim.

3.Sifting through your website again… there is a gorgeous photo of jewellery. Is this your work too? If so, what mediums do you / have you worked with?
Yes, the jewellery is mine, back from when I first started the brand in 2010. I hope to return to it one day but for the time being, my focus is on the art side of things and building new partnerships and working with clients. I do like to dabble in other craftiness in my downtime or when I feel “lost”. So I have started customising dolls. Something that is purely a hobby for the time being.

4. You’ve got some cool combinations and merry mix-ups (‘Pigmy Hedgehog’ with a Balloon … ‘Miss Fawn’ in roller skates…LOVE THESE!!)… can you even say where you draw on these ideas? Pure imagination… photos… life experiences?
A lot of my cute animals are based around the fact that all animals have personalities, its just most of the time, you don’t get to know them. So the combination of such “human” things and the quirky/funny, make for an adorable picture of what said animal could like or want. They are also the “brighter” side of my work and a nice break from the “life and death” cycle you see in my other pieces.

5. I know we don’t have most of your animal muses in little NZ (foxes, wolves, humming birds etc… have you travelled and experienced these creatures first-hand or do they stem from something else?
I have traveled a little bit but I haven’t seen most of the animals you listed in the wild. It isn’t a wish-list as such but if I were to see some of these animals, it would be amazing! These animals tend to bring out the magical and maybe this is because they don’t live here and are “out of reach”.

6. Have you ever done a self portrait? ie? Are YOU ‘Red Riding Hood?’ … See Ema’s Red Riding Hood print!….
I haven’t done a self portrait since my school days but I have had quite a few people see a likeness in various pieces, which I always find a bit of a surprise! To name a few : Luna, Alice, Tallulah and Ophelia. But no, not Red Riding Hood. It is however a friend of mine. 🙂

7. How long would it take (roughly) for you to do a painting such as the Tui you are currently working on for the Paper Rain Project?
Paintings can really vary in time frame. It depends on the media I am using and what my workload is like at the time. At a guess, with everything else running smoothly (I also have a toddler at home) , 3 weeks? But it could also be dragged out to several months. Sometimes paintings never get finished.

8.And what is the Paper Rain Project?
The Paper Rain Project is a brand run by Indigo and Wills. Who specialise in fair trade, organic, ethically made products and recycled boards. They work with artists around the world and here at home to created beautiful original art with an environmentally friendly goal.
To read and see more about what they do :

9. Where can people find and purchase your work? Through Facebook / Website / Felt… etc….?

You can find my work online at :

And selected stores around New Zealand (there is a list on my Big Cartel website)

Ch’i-eers Ema!

Savvy x