Gingerly Scarlett – Ginger Beauty Cocktail #3

Gingerly Scarlett – Ginger Beauty Cocktail #3

Gingerly Scarlett

Welcome to our ‘Ginger Beauty Cocktail Range’ designed by the wonderful ladies of ‘One Spoon’ – Nikki and Jordan Shearer, semifinalists of Masterchef NZ to celebrate the 2016 release of NEW Ch’i ‘Ginseng and Ginger’

Cocktail #3 - Virgin and otherwise...

We have created a non-alcoholic ‘stunning redhead’ for you. It’s a beauty because, as well as been soooo simple, this mocktail has more benefits than one.

1st – It is non-alcoholic! Which means that anybody can enjoy a slight twist to the delicious Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i.

2nd – As we were creating our daughter/granddaughter really wanted her own… so by making her an “alternative”, we created Gingerly Scarlett. Make the tiny humans their very own cocktail, they will love it!

3rd – This mocktail holds all the key ingredients for the perfect hangover cure; ginger to settle the stomach, blackcurrent for that vitamin C kick, and the fizz and flavour from Ch’i (cos we know that’s what you’re craving).

4th – Add 30ml of Vodka to this one and you have a Gingerly Scarlett that’s slightly naughty!

Per serve



3 slices fresh ginger

20ml blackcurrant syrup

200ml Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i


1. Fill a tall glass with ice and sliced ginger

2. Pour over blackcurrant syrup

3. Top with Ginseng and Ginger Ch’i and stir gently

Nikki and Jordan Shearer


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