GCH’i RUMBLE – Ginger Beauty Cocktail #1

GCH’i RUMBLE – Ginger Beauty Cocktail #1


Welcome to our ‘Ginger Beauty Cocktail Range’ designed by the wonderful ladies of ‘One Spoon’ – Nikki and Jordan Shearer, semifinalists of Masterchef NZ to celebrate the release of Ch’i ‘Ginseng and Ginger’

ONE SPOON – ‘This was our first cocktail we have created for Ch’i using their brand new Ch’i Ginseng and Ginger! And OMG, yum!!! Our family loves Ch’i, and rum, so what better place to start than joining the two together in a surge of flavour. If you prefer a slightly sweeter cocktail, add another ½ tsp of brown sugar. We are looking forward to seeing some creative naming on this one!”

Ch'i Gn'G with Rum... NAME TBC

Per serve


1 lime, quartered

1 level tsp soft brown sugar

1 slice fresh ginger

30ml spiced rum

2 dashes Angostura bitters


Ch’i Ginseng and Ginger


  1.  In a cocktail shaker, muddle lime and brown sugar for about 5-6 turns.

  2.  Add fresh ginger, spiced rum, 2 dashes of bitters, and fill half way with ice.

  3.  Place the lid on top, and shake what your mumma gave ya!


  4.  Pour all ingredients in a large glass, and top with CH’I ‘Ginseng and Ginger’…

Nikki and Jordan Shearer


CHECK OUT ‘One Spoons’ other delicious recipes (of the food variety) on their website www.onespoon.nz/ or on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/nikkiandjordanonespoon

*GCh’I name bought to you by Rhiannon Young, winner of the Ch’i ‘Ginseng and Ginger’ launch-month ‘Name the Cocktail’ comp!