Free From Corporate Compromise

Free From Corporate Compromise

Ch’i International Limited is an independent, family-owned New Zealand business.

Despite what our company name might suggest, we have no international masters behind us demanding bigger profits or mass production so we can conquer the world.

We intend keeping it this way so we can continue to craft our herbal ideas slowly and with great care.


Crafting drinks our way – using real, fresh herbal ingredients – is expensive and time consuming. Big corporates are under pressure to return dividends quickly, so they simply can’t take our approach. For this reason we can proudly admit we’re free from corporate compromise.

Lucky us, and lucky you.

We’ll never be the biggest kid on the block. But our passion and commitment allow us to deliver what Ch’i drinkers value most – quality and rejuvenation, the natural way.


Something to think about the next time you reach for the drinks fridge at the dairy…

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