Our founder’s vision

Our founder’s vision

The Ch’i business and its philosophy were  founded in 1987 by Adriaan Went, a man passionate about the future and the opportunity to make positive steps.

Originally from the Netherlands, Adriaan had brought his family to New Zealand in the late 1970’s.

He was determined to making a success of life in his new country, and was never a follower of conventional ideas. Inspired by the idea of handcrafted herbal extracts in a natural drink which was an incredibly novel idea in those times, Adriaan set his heart on the drinks idea that was to become Ch’i.

It took him several years of hard work to solve the problem of how to make the original Chinese medicinal herb blend we started with into a sparkling drink with its unique taste and refreshment.


Adriaan’s hard work through the early years of Ch’i were closely supported by his wife Gerda, and their then teenage children. His children still talk about having to walk in the rain to the car before Ch’i was launched because Adriaan had experimental Ch’i projects filling the family garage.

Sadly Adriaan passed away in 2011 and today’s Ch’i business continues working towards our founder’s original vision of a positive future.


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