Dairy Diary #3 ‘Ginseng and Ginger’ – Ponderosa

Dairy Diary #3 ‘Ginseng and Ginger’ – Ponderosa


We toured around several stores quietly previewing our new ‘Ginseng and Ginger’ with the hope that people serving behind the counter would stand outside for a photo and show-off our spicy new number! This wasn’t as successful as we had thought, not everyone wants to have their photo taken. In THIS three part series over this month of ‘Ginger Beauty’ Savvy travels around Greater Auckland to visit our latest creation in its natural habitat (the dairy fridge) and reveals it’s location. It’s funny what can happen…

DAIRY DIARY #3 – Ponderosa Foodmart – Swanson

The final journey out to find which stores are providing our new ‘Ginseng and Ginger’ herbal refresher found me standing in front of the ‘Ponderosa Foodmart’ in Swanson, West Auckland.

After the success of extracting Julie from behind the counter at the Kumeu Four Square for a photo, I was feeling cocky. It was going to be easy to get the next proprietor to showcase their dairy front with our delicious new Ginger Beauty!

Quite the opposite.

I think I may have frightened the lady working behind the counter by even asking her to do so… so, again, I took a few fridge photos whilst asking another time… went back to the counter and asked once more… there were no smoothies to buy this time to have a chat over (like Dairy #1)… so I gave her ‘one last chance’… and when it looked like she was going to phone a security company to get me out of there?

I gave up.

It was going to have to be an awkward selfie of me, as, by this stage, she wasn’t even offering to take a photo like the first dairy did (so that I would leave them alone too).

You may have guessed by now. I’m not the best at selfies.

Whilst only just managing to struggle out these ill representations of our FANTASTIC new beverage in front of it’s fine residence, I heard a soft voice sing out, seemingly from nowhere.

There didn’t seem to be anyone about before, yet sitting, all mellow and relaxed against the neighbouring store frontage was a literal gift from the gods, as, (after talking with him for a quite a while), I discovered that he is known to many as…

‘Little Jesus’! AND he has Ginger hair!!…

'Little Jesus'

‘Little Jesus’

This was brilliant. He was lovely. Currently of no fixed abode and quite happy to be so. We talked of many things and he was more than pleased to hold up our new ‘Ch’i Ginseng and Ginger’ with a smile.  Thanks Little Jesus, you were a day-saver…

Find the Ponderosa Foodmart right HERE!

You’ll be seeing this EVERYWHERE from now on in… we’ll keep you posted as to where and if you are truly desperate to sample this delicious root and herbal concoction we’ve designed to pleasure every one of your tastebuds? You can always contact us on info@chidrinks.com or on through our Facebook page Click on this bit… right here…!

Ch’i-eers! – Savvy x