DAIRY DIARY #2 ‘Ginseng & Ginger’ Kumeu 4 Square

DAIRY DIARY #2 ‘Ginseng & Ginger’ Kumeu 4 Square


We toured around several stores quietly previewing our new ‘Ginseng and Ginger’ with the hope that people serving behind the counter would stand outside for a photo and show-off our spicy new number! This wasn’t as successful as we had thought, not everyone wants to have their photo taken. In THIS three part series over this month of ‘Ginger Beauty’ Savvy travels around Greater Auckland to visit our latest creation in its natural habitat (the dairy fridge) and reveals it’s location. It’s funny what can happen…


What a beautiful drive along Highway 16, with the option of dropping into numerous fresh fruit and veggie shops or treating yourself to a real strawberry ice cream. I was on my way out to visit the Kumeu Four Square, an iconic store stooped in New Zealand’s history since 1924 and lucky preview-stockist of our new ‘Ginseng and Ginger’ herbal refresher.

This shop is right in the heart of the Kumeu Shops nestled in between the good old fashioned Butchers shop and sporting the local community noticeboard out the front.

I asked Warren, the Indian owner if he would like to stand outside his store with a bottle of our new pride and joy and surprise, surprise, he REALLY didn’t want to either! He even said it was too much of a cliche’ having an Indian dairy owner showing off our wares! Then he turned to his lovely assistant Julie, sighting that she is English and that’s WAY more of a novelty and she should really be the one to be in the photo.

It took a tiny little bit more coercing from the both of us, then BAM! Julie was in!! With a fabulous attitude, cute dimples and lots of giggles along the way!

Ginseng Julie

Julie models our new Ginseng and Ginger!

THANKS JULIE!! Hope you enjoyed the free samples (and now you can show your husband the pics…)

Then we found our new CH’I Ginseng and Ginger nestled (quite naturally) in between it’s refreshing family!

Ginseng and Ginger hangin' with the fridge family!

So, if you are in the North West of Auckland, heading out to iconic Muriwai Beach, on your way to Parakai Hot Pools or Sunday-driving up to the antique stores in Helensville perhaps?

You can get CH’I ‘GINSENG and GINGER’ right here! At the Square!

Kumeu Four Square? Click here!

Four Square has such a long-running history… since 1924! Their website is extensive too… this is their story… Four Square History – A good little read…


-Savvy x