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Ch’i International Limited

Street Address    2A Sawmill Road, Riverhead,  Auckland, New Zealand

Postal PO Box 300-451,  Albany,  New Zealand

Phone  +64 9 4122348       email

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Where to Purchase Ch’i

If you’re wondering where you can buy Ch’i, please visit our Ch’i Finder page.




We are looking for new distributor’s to make CH’I available to as many regions as possible. If you think you could be a successful CH’I distributor click here to go to our page for distribution enquiries here.


 Community Support

Every year Ch’i supports a number of community groups through event sponsorships. If you would like to to talk to us about your event/cause, please visit our community support page.

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If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about anything to do with our products, please use the feedback form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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  1. 1
    Anna Bakker

    Fabulous drink, used to have it when I was young at my uncle and auntys place whenever I visited.
    A friend introduced it to me recently and have loved it again.

  2. 3
    Peter Colquhoun

    I am a Kiwi living in Australia (Qld) My family just love Chi but only one flavour is available. We are wondering if a person can purchase case lots directly on-line. We are so pleased you use Stevia as a sweetener. Hoping to hear from you soon. We regularly purchase Manuka Honey on-line. Many thanks Regards, Peter

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