Community Support

Community Support

Here at Ch’i we absolutely love to get involved with like-minded community groups and sharing our hand crafted creations with friends. Although we may not have the mega sponsorship budgets of a multinational corporation, we can certainly do our best to help you out by providing product and marketing support for your event.


Are We A Good Fit?

This year we’re interesting in working with:

  • Community groups actively raising funds
  • Events that build community links*
  • Activities that showcase emerging creative talent

If this sounds like you and you’d like Ch’i to support your event, please fill out the Community Support Request form below. Every year we do our best to help as many groups as we can possibly afford, but please understand if we turn you down (it’s nothing personal!). *Please note that we do not currently support sports teams or sporting events. Community support - frocks on bikes

Can You Do Us A Favour?

If your application for support is accepted, we only have two simple requests:

  1. You serve our drinks chilled, so your guests can enjoy them at their best.
  2. You provide us with at least 4 good quality digital photos within 48 hours of your event, so we can use them on our website and Facebook Page. These pics need to show Ch’i being enjoyed at your event. (recommended size 1280px x 960px, 72dpi)

And One More Thing…

Please make sure you’ve got your request to us at least 4 weeks before your event. Sometimes we’ll need to pull a few favours ourselves to help you out, so the more lead in time, the better!

Community Support Application

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