Cocktail Recipes The Natural Way

Cocktail Recipes The Natural Way


Why Are Ch’i Cocktail Recipes So Amazingly Tasty Then?

Simple. Because they’re REAL.

It’s all about how we insist on cocktail recipes and ideas that have real ingredients, developed by real people inspired by the same real life stuff that gets us going too.

Before we even think about getting out the shakers and the ice cubes, let’s take a quick look at the mixer, our humble friend Ch’i.


The herbal ideas at the heart of the Ch’i range give cocktails flavours that are not the usual fruity, sweet experiences.

The earthiness compliments a range of new mix ideas you just can’t achieve with juice or sweet sodas. One of the most popular cocktails ever in the New Zealand bar scene has been the Falling Water, a fabulous glassful of refreshment but with savoury flavours of real cucumber and the herbs of Ch’i Original Herb Blend.

As you’ll discover on our Freedom List, you won’t find any nasty artificial chemicals or flavours in here. Our herbal extracts are real, created from 100% naturally grown plants. Our real lemons used in Lemon Ch’i come from a pretty staunch bunch of growers in Gisborne on New Zealand’s East Coast (who don’t take too kindly to words like  ‘artificial’ or ‘imported concentrate’).

Even our Ch’i Sugar Free  manages to avoid the scary chemicals used by other brands to sweeten their zero sugar drinks. We only use a real plant extract from South America called Stevia.

Did you know Ch’i was one of the first companies in the world to use Stevia in a carbonated beverage after a very patient wait of nearly 20 years – true story!

All this real goodness is blended in pure spring water from our very own natural spring near the Kaipara Harbour, north of Auckland, it doesn’t get more real than that. It’s all a real story.


Creating REAL Tasty Cocktails With Ch’i

Staying true to theme, we went looking for someone who could help us create cocktail recipes that could not only be enjoyed at your favourite bar, but could also be easily created at home when a few friends pop round for an impromptu Sunday Session.

Many folks had recommended Auckland’s Citizen Park as a place to check out, with their popular ever-impressive menu and local Kingsland vibe. It was here we met with Hannah and Lindsay (resident mixologist lovelies) and presented them with the challenge of creating some exciting new cocktail recipes using Ch’i products.

Here’s a sample of what they came up with (press on the pics for the recipes):

 Cocktail recipes

Sweet Ginger Mo Ch’i To

 Ch'i Taco

Ch’i Taco

cocktail recipes

2CV – Chi Cucumber Vodka

 Chijoa Chiller

Ch’ijoa Chiller

Press For More Ch’i Cocktail Recipes Below

 Guava Ch’i

Cherry MarCh’i Ni


Ch’i Lime & Bitters

Sweet Apple Ch’i

Mandarin Ch’i Mosa


Pear & Ginger Fizz

Falling Water with 42 Below Vodka


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