Ch’i-quila – it’s all about tequila

Ch’i-quila – it’s all about tequila



  • Lemon and lime sorbet
  • 30ml Tequila
  • Ch’i ORIGINAL (chilled)


  1. 3 scoops of sorbet in a tall glass.
  2. Pour the Tequila over the sorbet
  3. Top off with Ch’i

Simply present in a tall glass with a lime garnish.

 How It Should Look

How the Chi-quila cocktail should look

For a delicious summers days treat, leave the Tequila out and enjoy any time.

Comments From The Tasting Panel

“As a designated driver, I could drink it without the Tequila all day”

“Very refreshing for summer”

“It makes tequila enjoyable again, the Ch’i seems to take the horrible tequila taste away!”

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