CH'I People - Troy Chillingworth

Drinks are Troy’s life blood. He started his working life in the worlds biggest drinks company. Frustrated by that company’s lack of soul he left them to build a career where his passion for doing the right stuff has been developed and applied. 20 years later he’s making a difference as the guy looking after producing our handcrafted herbal extracts and bottling finished drinks. He also takes a lead on taking our new ideas into finished drinks.

12 quick questions

East Auckland, New Zealand

I got caught up in the Drinks business.

Summer. I love swimming, barbecies, and icy cold beers.

Relaxing on the couch when I can.

My relationship I have with my family.

Out back experimenting with home brew beer projects.

A good steak and cheese pie.

It’s a close call…The Original Herb Blend mixed into a Falling Water cocktail.