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Tama Moke

Tama Moke’s been with CH’I Drinks since 1990. He’s passionate about his work and serving our customers.

One of Tama’s achievements we are all in awe of is that he’s kept Type 2 Diabetes under control for the last 20 years by carefully choosing his food, regular exercise and taking time for himself when he can.

12 quick questions

Rotorua, New Zealand

I wasn’t tall enough.

Summer. Days are longer. I swim at my local beach. Love the outdoor food.

Having a beer with family and friends.

The Redwood forest near Rotorua.

Watercress & pork bones. It’s cooked really slowly and traditionally served at a hui (Maori “gathering”) .

Mokoia Island. It’s in Lake Rotorua and the place of several Maori legends..

My Moko’s (Maori “grandchildren”)..

Sparkling Herbal Sugar Free. It’s my usual lunch time drink.