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Ray Nicholls

It’s a long way from being a professional sheep shearer to guiding a beverage business. Ray’s moved on from the sheep in his 20’s and worked in food and drinks businesses – mainly in Marketing and Sales leadership roles.

Having worked in New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East and the UK, Ray and his partner settled back in New Zealand to raise their now adult family.

When he’s not at the CH’I Drinks Workshop, he’s most likely chasing sheep or pruning the orchard on their hobby farm near Auckland.

12 quick questions

Hamilton, New Zealand.

To be a fighter pilot.

I was to tall and New Zealand has a pacifist Air Force.

Catching up with friends and conversations about anything but work! 

There’s a quiet area of native forest within a few minutes of home. There’s a 30 minute walk along a path beside a small river with waterfalls and very noisy birdlife.

My wife’s effort to get us eating vegetarian meals 2 or 3 nights a week.

Catching fish with my wife. She’s a better fisher “person” than me and I have a lot of fun trying to keep up.

Let’s be honest My diet is a fairly fragile thing and easily busted. I do have a soft spot for slow cooked one pot winter dinners.

Greenland. I’ve flown above it a few times travelling to Europe. It look so vast, empty and cold.

People who aren’t interested in or impressed with what I do for my day work.

Spiced Ginger. Straight up or mixed. Fabulous on a cold day.