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Liam Downes

Liam spent 8 years heading up creative at a major liquor company, so he knows his way around an iconic kiwi beverage or 2.

He now runs his own brand focused design company Rockit Design and found instant synergy with Ch’i Drinks.

Liam  has helped Ch’i to REconnect and REjuvenate a brand that was ticking along a little too comfortably. His passion for NPD and bringing a brand to life makes Liam the perfect fit, dedicating ongoing creative advice and support to the Ch’i journey.

12 quick questions

Brighton, England

To be a professional footballer.

I wasn’t as good as I thought I was!

the Football Season (which is 9 months – happy days)

painting (and watching football)

Whatapu – it is Jurassic and everything I love about New Zealand

my imagination – mostly

drinking a Guiness (or a Ch’i Ginger Spice) in front of a Liverpool FC game.

. Father Christmas (took our daughter to meet him in Lapland in 2016 .. tick!)

wife, daughter, animals + my ‘old boys’ football team.