Ch’i Lime & Bitters

Ch’i Lime & Bitters


  • Lime Cordial
  • Limes
  • Ch’i ORIGINAL or Ch’i HERBAL SUGAR FREE for a very low calorie option
  • Dash of bitters


  1. Ice in a tall glass
  2. 10 ml lime cordial
  3. A few shakes of bitters
  4. Top off with CH’I

Serve in a tall glass ice, garnished with lime.
This can be made with CH’I Zero Sugar for a very low cal option

 How It Should Look

How Ch'i Lime & Bitters Cocktail should look

Comments from taste-testers:

“Good because it looks like you’re drinking a cocktail if you’re sober driver and everyone will leave you alone!”

“Nice strong taste without sugar”

“Nice low calorie!”

“Preferred the full strength option with Ch’I Original”

“Very refreshing, another good summer option”

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