Ch’i – Just Landed in Perth

Ch’i – Just Landed in Perth

After a long absence the Kiwi favourite Ch’i is back on sale in Perth!

Ask any ex-pat Kiwi about the drink that knows it’s own name and they’ll immediately know what you’re talking about. Ch’i has been lovingly hand crafted in New Zealand for over 27 years and after receiving numerous requests from ex-pat Kiwis living in Perth, we can proudly announce Ch’i is back on the shelves at all three of The Kiwi Shop stores (Joondalup, Port Kennedy, Maddington).

This year Ch’i has added some new flavours to the range:

Sugar Free

Looking to cut down on sugar? This Sugar Free version of your favourite drink uses the natural sweetening power of the stevia plant to help sweeten up your glass.

Herbal Lemon

Perfect on it’s own or as a mixer in your favourite drink, we’ve added the juice from NZ grown lemons to create a tasty little spin on your favourite herbal refresher.

Lemongrass & Lime

It tastes even better than it sounds! If you’ve ever used lemongrass in cooking or enjoy the flavours from South East Asia, you’re going to love this fantastic new variation.

You can try all these new flavours and pick up some Original Ch’i in 1 litre bottles from any of The Kiwi Shop stores (Joondalup, Port Kennedy, Maddington).


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