CH’I Iced Tea Cocktail

CH’I Iced Tea Cocktail

Iced tea... Ch'i

Bringing you a mix of THE most delicious flavours, to scintillate any palate!

CH’I Iced Tea Cocktail

45-50 ml of Rumbullion – a type of spiced rum

20 ml of lemon juice

Dash of Vanilla

Pinch of Allspice

CH’I Ginseng and Ginger

Put the Rumbullion into a shaker with the lemon juice and shake for a good few seconds.

Put the Vanilla and Allspice into a cup, and add the CH’I. Then use a swizzle stick (a mixing tool) to mix and combine the ingredients.

Tales from the tasters (Red Bar at 95bFm Cocktail Corner):

“If you’re at home and you wanna sort of blow minds, start mixing with Chi. It’s a great mixer.”

“If you’re doing something, you’d usually put a tonic in, just use Chi instead. It’s another level.”

“Just don’t be afraid of citrus with it, I think it’s probably one of my biggest comment on it from a bartender’s perspective. It compliments Chi. It doesn’t matter which flavour you’re using.”

“Totally rock and roll.”