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CH’I Freedom List

A lot of what we talk about are the what we have put into our drinks – but equally as important and not mentioned on most labels is what we’ve chosen to leave out.
We like to call this our Ch’i Freedom List – ingredients often added to other branded drinks that you will never find in ours. Ever.

The Ch’i Freedom List
• No synthetic flavours
• No added colours – synthetic or natural
• No high fructose corn syrup
• No phosphoric acid
• No erythritol
• No benzoic acid
• No aspartame or other synthetic sweeteners
• No phenylanaline
• No BPAs
• No synthetic preservatives

Sure, we could make our life easier by buying completely manufactured ingredients and flavours, and mixing them in a bottling factory.
But then we wouldn’t be Ch’i. We’d be … well, you don’t need us to tell you that.

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