Food Safety Certification

Food Safety Certification

Ch’i drinkers care about what they put into their mouths. That’s why we operate under two independently audited and recognised food safety certification programmes.

The Advantage Approved Supplier programme was developed by AsureQuality to help food and beverage makers meet the quality assurance and food safety standards demanded by respected retail chains and service organisations.

We also operate a Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points (or HACCP) programme, which is independently audited and certified by AsureQuality. HACCP is a “systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes”. That’s another way of saying it’s designed to make sure that the only things that go into our beverages are the things that are supposed to be there.

HACCP is an internationally recognised certification that specifies the processes and procedures used to manage risks in our hand crafting and bottling plants. For more on HACCP programmes around the world.



HACCP information

 Ch’i International Advantage Approved Supplier Certificate

 Ch’i International HACCP certificate



AsureQuality is a commercial company, 100% owned by the New Zealand government. They provide New Zealand businesses with food safety and biosecurity services that allow us to meet global standards for the food and primary production sectors.

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