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All of the stories, posts, cocktails and updates we have written. It's a big read.


We actively support groups helping build connections in their local community. Stories about and information for our Communities here.

Ideas Passed

Here are some of our product ideas that are no longer with us. Maybe we didn't get it right or maybe for some we were a bit ahead of our times. What do you think?


More about the herbs and other natural ingredients we use in our drinks. Plus a little about some of the ingredients we refuse to use.


CH'I drinks mix perfectly with or without alcohol. The botanical flavors with less sugar suit grown up mixing ideas. Take a moment to put you and your friends first. Try a CH'I herbal mixing idea here.


We'd like to introduce some of the special people we admire and who help make our world a better place.

Self Care

Self-care is not being selfish. To succeed at your mission in this world you need to be the best You possible. Take a moment here to put yourself first.


We've gathered a few stories on our journey since 1987. Want to hear them?

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