The Aloe that contributes to the CH’I Original Chinese Herbal refresher is originally a native of Africa and is common in the Cape Province, the mountains of tropical Africa, the islands of Africa including Madagascar, and the Arabian Peninsula.

The leaves of the Aloe Vera can be cut to produce a thick sap when cut that is widely believed to relieve burns and other skin abrasions. The Mayo Clinic reports “There is promising preliminary support from laboratory, animal, and human studies that topical aloe gel has immunomodulatory properties that may improve wound healing and skin inflammation”.

Before this common use, Aloe was believed by ancient herbalists to have powerful healing properties. In Greek legend Alexander the Great conquered the island of Socotra just so his troops could have a steady supply of Aloe Vera.

Various research studies are underway to understand if Aloe can be used therapeutically to benefit some exciting possibilities which New Zealand and  Australian laws prevent us from mentioning to protect you from any inference that Ch’i might be a medicine.

Disclaimer: The above information is offered to give the background story and origin of the herbal ingredients in Ch’i. Ch’i International Limited do not make any claim that Ch’i Sparkling Herbal Refreshers are capable affecting any health condition with the exception of thirst.


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