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Since 1987

We’ve been in business since 1987, a time when soft drinks and fruit juices were the best the mainstream drinks industry had to offer. The idea of simply bottling water was still unheard of, and drinks like squeezed juices, energy drinks, plant milks and kombucha’s were futuristic ideas.

Our founders were convinced a sparkling drink based on an ancient Chinese medicinal blend would be a welcome contrast. They developed and launched the Original Sparkling Herbal Blend first to New Zealand in 1987 and then to Australia in 1988.

CH’I Drinks have built from this start over 30 years ago. In 2019 we established the CH’I Drinks Workshop in Riverhead, New Zealand. We’re working hard on an evolving range of drinks ideas that have hand crafted herbal extracts at their heart and which capture and build on the concept of CH’I – the ancient breathe of life.

We believe the world will be a better place if we each take moments to put ourselves first, moments to recharge, reconnect and refocus on our purpose and personal mission.

real people

Ch’i Drinks Workshop is a New Zealand based business with a passion for the natural way.

Being family owned our morals and decisions are guided by what is right for our customers, and are not  overwhelmed by being part of any international corporation.

We love the freedom to work at our herbal drinks with a passion making what we believe is best for our fans and partners.

It’s no secret we don’t get it right every time, but we celebrate our customers successes, and love to share our own.


We believe that the world can be a better place if each of us take moments to ourselves first. Moments to recharge, reconnect and refocus on our personal mission and purpose:






An ancient idea perfect for today

We adopted the name CH’I to reflect the original Herb Blend’s purpose under Traditional medicine. This blend is believed to encourage the free flow of “CH’I” – the essential breathe of life.

The idea of an essential and unseen energy that supports healthy life is found in many culture’s traditional health beliefs. It’s an idea we think essential in today’s life and is a metaphor for the rejuvenation that comes from moments when you put yourself first.

In a small team

it's all about the people

Kate-Temp-Pic 300 x 300

Kate Brewer

Administration & Human Resource
Troy-Portrait-300 x 300

Troy Chillingworth

Product Development & Production
SavHeadshot-300 x 300

Savannah Carter - Green

Social Media & Community
Murray-headshot-300 x 315

Murray Lithgow

Sales - New Zealand
Tama-Portait-1-300 x 300

Tama Moke

Warehouse & Distribution
Ray-Portait 300 x 300

Ray Nicholls



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Mike Brown

Liam-300 x 300

Liam Downes

I first had Ch'i in 2002 when my grandma bought some for me to try, I fell in love with the drink and I'm still drinking it
Dee Fairbrother
Love this flavour and healthy too! I am a big fan of 'CH'i' Sharing is caring. I will introduce this ch'i herbal drinks to all of my friends.
Kate Park
Like Chi. It's one of my go to drinks. Especially at functions when i don't want alcohol and It's good for you too.
Yvette McLeod