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64 tips on staying grounded, shared by real people

In February 2020, we asked our fans for their tips on staying grounded in the midst of their busy lives. The response was amazing!

We’ve selected 64 of their top tips to share.

It goes to show you don’t need to be a lifestyle or wellness guru to have wisdom we can all learn from.

Got your own tip on staying grounded? Share in the comments.

1. Coleen Flagstaff

“Breathing exercises…
My little man reminds me how amazing life is and how wonderful the world we live in.
Don’t sweat the little things in life.
Love love love”

2. Emma Diack

“Embrace getting older. Not everyone gets to.”

3. Janet Jamieson

“Recalling 4 good things from each day before going to sleep”

4. Caroline Lightbrand

“Yum love Ch’i”

5. Cheryl Hard

“Remembering that everyone I meet, good or bad, pleasant or horrible plus every experience good or bad, happy or sad is a learning experience to grow as a person”

6. Janina Sinclair

“Own the moment. When you can make this moment the most important moment, nothing can overwhelm you. …
Take charge of your emotions. …
Control your choice. …
Boost your self-confidence. …
Help someone else. …
Take time to reflect. …
Learn to say no. …”

7. Tracey Berghan

“Be mindful of others… just because something doesn’t affect you, it may affect them.”

8. Tessa Maree Hines

“One thing that keeps me grounded is being out in nature and the sounds of nature… whether it’s a hike or a bush walk, or even just a stroll down the beach…”

9. Eddy Gies

Image may contain: 1 person, tree, outdoor and nature

“Stop and take 10 minutes out of your day and just relax, turn your phone off, smell the air, look at the sky, look around you, beauty is all around, be thankful for where you’re at in life…”

10. Suzannah Wansbone

“If I am feeling overwhelmed or disconnected I like to use some deep breathing techniques, and spend some time in nature (a swim in the sea is perfect in the summer) by myself or with my husband. I also find writing a list helps me to get my priorities in order and my “to dos” more clear”

11. Vanessa Hirini

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature

“A walk with the trees and some solitude to reflect and respect your place!”

12. Paul Lammas

 “If I’m feeling like things are too much I always take a break and have a drink of water or chi and take a few deep breaths and try to manage my breathing and heart rate”

13. Debbie Kelliher

To slow down and have a walk with your old dog (my girl Amy), slowly but surely, no need to rush, just relax and enjoy the walk and breathe, look at the clouds and the sky”

14. Tiff Wards

“After any stressful or busy day, I take time out by picking up my kids from school… these two little people always keep me grounded and remind me of the important things in life”

15. Mandy Griffin

Image may contain: one or more people, dog and eyeglasses

“The thing that keeps me grounded is my beautiful dog Dior … could play with her for hours”

16. Janice Soper Sandwith

“Taking time for myself and having a laugh and Thursday lunch with friends every week”

17. Gerard Eising

“My grandchildren keep me grounded. We want to pass on what we have learned in life, treat others like we like to be treated”

18. Tracee McCallum

“I take mini moments of solitude through out each day, its good to have quiet and sit in the sun and not think about anything for even 5 or 10 mins and then back to it”

19. Trent Fisher

“Take 5 minutes to relax and remind yourself that you’re in control and you’ve got this!”

20. Lucinda Smail

“Having me time when my son is having a nap. I go outside put some music on and do some weeding”

21. Gillian Hill

“Having me time when my son is having a nap. I go outside put some music on and do some weeding”

22. Allecia Crawford

“Take a moment each day to remind yourself of at least 5 things that you are grateful for”

23. Gretchen Earl

“Look on the positive rather than the negative side of things, (which I put into practice daily while I have facial numbness following brain brain surgery last year), laugh and have fun with your family and pets”

24. Natalie Lysaght

“Definitely having your glass full and find ways to keep it full so you can be yourself for you and others!”

25. Sylvia Parke

“I always stay grounded by reminding myself that tomorrow is another day and the sun will still rise”

26. Tabitha Hinewai

“The best way I’ve found to stay grounded and calm even in times of great trial or trouble is to help someone else. When you are helping someone else you stop worrying or stressing about your own stuff and you often get perspective on what you’re dealing with. It also helps you build a community of people who in turn will support you”

27. Carolyn Abraham

“Make sure to be nice to myself and also thinking that there are others that are much worse off so be happy for what I have health wise”

28. Tam Peters

“Remember to consistently check up on loved ones ?”

29. Barbara Haddock

“Having some me time to sit and tally up what is good in my life, what has been bad and be thankful the good outweighs the bad”

30. Karen Brown

“One thing that keeps me grounded is to look at my sleeping children”

31. David Quintal

“Never forget where you come from and be humble with who you are”

32. Karen Foreman

I like to go barefoot most of the time. It feels more natural and I feel more individual”

33. Karen Walker

“Think about how lucky I am compared to many of the people I see in my job as an ED nurse”

34. Nathan Rushton

“Look at the stars before bed”

35. Abbe O’Rourke


36. Debbie Snell

Image may contain: coffee cup

“Read 30 mins a day with a cup of tea in my favourite cup to relax my mind and body”

37. Ellen Rogers

“Enjoy your surrounds – we live on 10 acres with lots of fruit and nut trees, cute pets and a perfumed garden – I thank my lucky stars every day!”

38. William Mclaughlin

“Taking time out for yourself. Whether that be relaxing or enjoying reading your favourite book or being alone is a nice way to reflect on the day stay grounded and relax”

39. Rebecca Conchie

“A constant reminder to myself to not give in to the ‘busy’. Take the day as it comes, achieve what I can, do what I can for my kids, but take time each day to appreciate life and slow down”

40. Angela Biggar

“For me it’s all about looking after myself! A walk out in the fresh air most days does the trick. Good for the soul!”

41. Betty Cummings

“Have got heaps of fruit to bottle make sauce and chutney will keep me grounded for a while

42. Sarah Ninnes

“Half an hour in nature when possible, or in the garden. And try to meditate for 10-20 mins a day”

43. Shontel Sketchley

“Spending time in my garden with a wine. Gives me time to think how my days has gone and unwind”

44. Elle Abel

“Out of every bad thing there is a silver lining”

45. Amber Currie

“My kids certainly keep me grounded. They literally say things exactly how it is… LOL!”

46. Laura Burrowes

“Takng things hour by hour when things get hard, not just day by day”

47. Thomas Jack

“Keeping fit and spending time with my girlfriend, going fishing whenever I can and not sweating the small stuff”

48. Bex Jane

“Walk barefoot ?”

49. Liam Yipp

Hang out with my friends”

50. Wendy Yipp

“My grandchildren keep me grounded”

51. Minuri Undugodage

“Listening to my favourite songs and very beautiful music”

52. Julie Watts

“Taking some time out for myself”

53. Karen Rowlatt

“Yoga for perfect mind and body”

54. Melissa Wenham

 “I love picking friut and vege as I grow my own”

55. Elaine Katene

“Get outside and inhale, being in nature always grounds me”

56. Michelle Yambasef

“Get some exercise every day”

57. Tanya White

“After 30 something years I have learned I need me time just some time out to refresh”

58. Alison Lang

“Walking, Pilates & family! “

59. Darren J Rae

“Practice Mindfulness”

60. Jill Autridge

“Do something nice for someone!”

61. Jessica Mondia

I always remind myself that it is not whether I get knocked down, it is whether I get back up!? I know I’ll fail once in a while but I can learn from my failures. When I try something new that I fear I will at. I keep reminding myself that I have succeeded in the past by persisting…”

62. Claire Sweetman

“If I start worrying about something, I play the ‘What If’ game in my head, there’s normally not a whole lot that can happen/go wrong when I think about all the possible outcomes”

63. Sharon Eruera

“My top tip would be to stay true to yourself”

64. Angie Gies

“Be the best you can be, did you make someone smile today? Just do something nice!!”


A HUGE thank you goes out to our people who took the time to focus in and share their wisdom’s.

For advice from some professionals on the benefits and practice for being grounded, have a look at these tips from Living Well and helpful hints on ‘Grounding the Human Body’ from the Chopra Centre

Happy grounding!

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