Sparkling Herbal Lemon – It’s back this summer

Sparkling Herbal Lemon – It’s back this summer

Earlier this year we created a limited run of Ch’i Herbal Lemon and made it available to all Countdown customers across New Zealand.

The feedback? They LOVED it!

So we’ve now made Ch’i Herbal Lemon available to everyone.


Ch’i Sparkling Herbal Lemon Refresher

Real lemons grown and squeezed in New Zealand have been blended with Chi’s famous Original Herb Blend and our own mineral water. The taste is  adult, earthy, citrus, refreshment – we call it Ch’i Herbal Lemon.

Perfect as a summer cooler on its own, or mixed with a good quality light spirit (to be enjoyed responsibly), you’ll find Ch’i Herbal Lemon is one of those tangy drinks that just hit’s the spot every time.

Our favourite one for the adults is white rum on the rocks  topped off with Ch’i Herbal Lemon, try it!


Reducing The Sugar, Never The Flavour

Reducing sugars is a major goal for us and Ch’i Herbal Lemon has been given a healthy sugar reduction. Using some of our learnings from the stevia sweetened Herbal Sugar Free drink, we have reduced the sugars in Herbal Lemon to be less that half a regular soft drink.

Even including the small amount of sugar the squeezed lemon juice brings, the total sugar content is only 4.9g per 100ml. For the full nutrition information press here

We use single strength lemon juice grown and squeezed in New Zealand and naturally this relies on the lemon trees fruiting at just the right time for us. You can read more about this here.

Mother Nature says she can’t always guarantee she’ll have fresh lemons available on the trees, and may not be able to supply enough for all our Herbal Lemon fans – so make sure buy it when you see it!

Ch’i Herbal Lemon is available in our new 330ml glass bottles and in 1.0 litre bottles to take home.


HL 2 bottles


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